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Terms and Conditions

Children ages 11 and below can stay in the resort free-of-charge, meals not included. A maximum of 1 children per room is allowed to stay for free if accompanied by adults and share the bed with the parents.

Carving and corkage fees will apply for food and beverage brought in the resort that is beyond the maximum allowable number of occupants per suite. Corkage fees also will also apply to any alcoholic beverages regardless of size or amount.

Pets are not allowed in the resort.

All rooms and suites strictly follow a no-smoking policy.

Private parties and formal meetings are not allowed inside the rooms and villas. Any activities that are outside the standard accommodation purposes (marketing and media-related photoshoots and pictorials) are subject to approval and applicable fees.

To protect credit card owners from fraud, you will be required to present the actual credit card used in making the online booking and a valid government-issued photo ID.

If the credit card you used to book online is not yours, you will be required to present clear photocopies of the owner’s credit card (front and back) and valid government-issued photo ID. An authorization letter stating that the credit card owner has allowed you to use the card for the reservation will also be required.

The resort reserves the right to refuse check-in for failure to comply with this policy and to cancel a confirmed reservation if a booking is suspected to be made using a fraudulent credit card.

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